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Voxengo Bundle v2019.6

File Size: 106 M

BBundle that includes Voxengo pro audio plugins designed for mastering applications. These plugins allow you to achieve clear, loud and balanced-sounding mixes.

AnSpec v1.3 – Free analog-style one/third-octave spectrum analyzer
Beeper v2.8 – insert beep, noise burst or silence signals
BMS v2.3 – Bass Management System plugin for surround
Boogex v2.3 – Free Guitar amplifier
CRTIV Chorus v1.1 – Stereo chorus
CRTIV Reverb v2.0 – Stereo reverb
CRTIV Tape Bus v1.2 – Reel-to-reel tape saturation
Crunchessor v2.11 – Crunchy track compressor
CurveEQ v3.7 – Linear-phase spline equalizer
Deft Compressor v1.7 – Bus compressor
Drumformer v1.5 – Multiband drum & master track dynamics
EBusLim v1.2 – Easy-to-use brickwall peak limiter & loudness maximization
Elephant v4.7 – Transparent mastering limiter (loudness maximizer)
GlissEQ v3.11 – Dynamic equalizer
HarmoniEQ v2.4 – Harmonically-enhanced equalizer
Latency Delay v2.5 – Compensate Latency
LF Max Punch v1.8 – Bass punch, saturation & sub frequency synthesizer
Marquis Compressor v2.1 – Harmonic-rich compressor/gate
Marvel GEQ v1.6 – Free linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer
MSED v3.1 – Free Professional mid-side processing
OldSkoolVerb v2.5 – Free Reverb
OldSkoolVerb Plus v1.0 – Enhances the free OldSkoolVerb with a Ă´spatialö
OVC-128 v1.0 – Clipper
Overtone GEQ v1.13 – Free 7-band harmonic (overtone) graphic equalizer
PHA-979 v2.7 – Track phase alignment
Polysquasher v3.1 – Mastering compressor
Powershaper v1.1 – Overdrive saturation
PrimeEQ v1.1 – Easy-to-use parametric equalizer
Shinechilla v1.1 – Harmonic generator
Soniformer v3.8 – Advanced spectral mastering dynamics
Sound Delay v1.8 – Free sample delay
SPAN v3.4 – Free Real-time FFT spectrum analyzer
SPAN Plus v1.5 – Extended real-time FFT spectrum analyzer
Spatifier v1.1 – Spatially-enhance mono sounds & create the stereo & depth
Stereo Touch v2.10 – Free Stereo-widening
Tempo Delay v2.0 – Free multi-feature delay
TransGainer v1.7 – Transient shaper
Tube Amp v2.6 – Free "tube amp"
VariSaturator v1.12 – Two-band saturation & loudness maximization
Voxformer v2.13 – Vocal Multi-FX
Warmifier v2.3 – Tube/valve warming & harmonic enhancement