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Frank Tallis collection

Type : epub |
Size : 10.87 MB |
English |

Descirption: In the new novel in the iconic Max Lieberman mystery series, master storyteller Frank Tallis delivers his latest suspenseful and spellbinding tale set in the smoky atmospheric world of fin de siecle Vienna.
Vienna, 1904. The body of a man-still sitting in a chair-is discovered in an abandoned piano factory on the outskirts of the city. He has been shot dead but his face has been horribly disfigured with acid, making identification impossible. In front of the body are three chairs positioned conspicuously in a straight line. Who were the former occupants? Had they sat in judgement and pronounced a sentence of death?
Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt calls on his good friend Doctor Max Lieberman-psychiatrist and disciple of Sigmund Freud-to assist in an investigation that dra them both into the shadowy and sexually unconventional world of fringe political activism. It is a world populated by Bohemians, Utopian idealists, and anarchists,…

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